Home-made Man Burgers

TurkeyBurgerThe chosen title may come across as a touch sexist and is by no means meant to suggest that members of the fairer sex do not enjoy a good burger as much as anyone. But let’s be honest, a big, fat, juicy 100 percent beef burger with all the trimmings tends to be most popular with the male diner. And political correctness can sometimes go too far, so I’m sticking with ‘Man Burgers’.

I’m basing this recipe on using one kilogram of good quality minced beef, though for more or less you can simply adjust the measurements of the rest of the ingredients. So, take one kilogram of good quality minced beef and tip it into a big bowl. Good start. The thing with good quality minced beef is that it is low on fat and although fat has lots of nasty calories, it also provides moisture to meat and we don’t want dry burgers. So, add a hundred millilitres of olive oil, which adds moisture and will lead to lovely juicy burgers without making them too unhealthy. We are not going for minimum calories here because to be honest, if that is your aim, you will not be going for a burger anyway. However, at the same time using good quality products and minimising saturated fat is no bad thing and I also think improves the taste.
The secret to a great burger is not to elaborate. If you have good quality meat that is pretty much all you need in terms of taste. The oil is for moisture and adds to the taste without taking away from the meat. I suggest keeping additional spices to a minimum and I add a couple of teaspoons of salt, a couple of teaspoons of pepper and a teaspoon of turmeric which I think is just enough to add a little taste and bring out the flavour of the beef without overpowering it in any way. I am not a big fan of salt in general so some people may want to add a little more salt than this recipe suggests.
The other critical element to a great burger is the bread. It needs to be soft enough to eat easily but firm enough to keep everything together. There is nothing worse than a burger bun that disintegrates whilst you are trying to eat it. I find a fresh ciabatta is a great option. A little bit of mayo on both sides of the bun also adds a bit of moisture to the bread and all you have to do is add some lettuce sliced tomato and onion. Toppings, or lack thereof, completely depend on your personal taste. I love cheddar and bacon and a nice piece of stilton is also great. If you like a bit of spice you can add some jalapenos.